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Sorbets - NonFat and NonDairy

Whats thousands of years old, contains 90 calories or less, has zero grams of fat and tastes delicious?

Frozen Yogurt Stores sorbets are similar to Italian Ice and come in 11 tangy, refreshing and exhilarating flavors. If youve ever dreamed of tasting frozen fruit, sorbets are your ultimate dessert.

Sorbets originate from ancient Rome or the Middle East and have been enjoyed by the great and the good for several thousand years including historical figures such as Nero, Marco Polo and Catherine de Medici. Unlike ice cream or sherbet, sorbets contain neither dairy products nor air which is why they carry a dense taste bursting with flavor.

We recommend that you close your eyes, take a bite and allow the flavors to overwhelm your senses. On a blistering summers day, there is nothing quite like a sorbet to keep you cool while invigorating your taste buds.

At Frozen Yogurt Store, we use premium ingredients to ensure that your first sorbet will not be your last. Continue reading to learn more about our amazing sorbet flavors and their full nutritional information.





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