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Non Fat Frozen Yogurt

Us Americans are health conscious to a degree. Well count calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, monitor our blood pressure and cholesterol. Day after day, we desperately try and eat clean but one day:

We Snap!

On our way home from work, we stop at Dunkin Donuts and order half the menu before gorging on it. The sugar high makes us feel good but we then feel a huge pang of guilt. Weve done it again! Back to counting those calories and trying to make sure we dont fall victim to the urge.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, youre just one of the millions of Americans who fall into this trap. We need to learn that its impossible to go from 100 to 0 with a click of our fingers. Moderation is the key so when you get the urge, you need to just go with the flow and eat a little bit of what you crave. The problem is, ice cream and other delicious desserts and treats are fattening.

If only there was a way to indulge without piling on those pounds.

Thanks to Frozen Yogurt Store, there is! Our frozen yogurt comes in a variety of flavors and crucially, we also cater to those who are serious about counting those calories. Our special non fat frozen yogurt range contains less than 110 calories. But wait! Guess how many grams of fat there is in a single serving?

Our non fat frozen yogurt has less than 0.5g of fat per serving. Frozen Yogurt Store is not run by Kramer from Seinfeld! Our team craft smooth, creamy, luxurious, decadent frozen yogurt using special techniques to ensure that only a fraction of a gram of fat makes its way into your mouth.




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