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Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt

Ask most people about low fat products and youll probably be met with a look of disgust. For cynics and the misinformed, low fat equals:

                  • Bland and tasteless

                  • A waste of money

                  • Something that doesnt satisfy cravings

                  • Filled with additives

                  • Unhealthy

What if you were told about a low fat dessert that is so delicious, youll actually think youre eating something laden with fat and sugar?

The low fat frozen yogurts at Frozen Yogurt Store are precisely that and so much more. We have 23 flavors, each of which transports you to a land of decadence that you wont want to leave. From the unique taste of Cake Batter to the creamy luxury of Strawberry Sensations Triple, you wont be able to get enough.

Just as well then that each serving contains less than 3.5g of fat and 140 calories. Compare this to similar sized portions of so-called healthy ice creams which often have almost 300 calories a serving with a whopping 17g of fat, approximately 20-25% of your recommended daily allowance of fat and around 15% of your daily calorie allowance. Thats a lot of punishment for a single treat!

How do we create such a sensational taste while keeping the level of butter fat so incredibly low? Thats a secret which keeps other dessert companies scratching their heads. Unfortunately, we cant reveal our methods but know that every day, Frozen Yogurt Store is thinking of new ways to increase your delight while decreasing the calories.

Keep reading to find out more about our 23 low fat frozen yogurt flavors and the full nutritional information on each. Dont torture yourself after letting your hair down. You deserve to break from a strict diet and with our low fat frozen yogurt offerings, you dont have to stray far!




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