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How Frozen Yogurt is Made

As you place another spoon of luxurious frozen yogurt in your mouth, you may be wondering how this wonderful dessert is made. Contrary to what you might believe, the yogurt is never actually completely frozen because it contains ice crystals. We take the fresh milk and pasteurize it to ensure that all harmful bacteria are completely eradicated before the milk is allowed cool down. We normally heat the milk to between 185-210 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-40 seconds. Although 175 degrees is enough, we like to keep the temperature high because this improves the flavor of the yogurt.

Bacteria’s Bite

Now comes the strange bit: We ADD strains of Streptococcus thermophilous and Lactobacillus bulgaricus to the milk. These are strains of bacteria! Dont panic! They are good bacteria which dont threaten your digestive system. Only about 1% of the frozen yogurt is made up of these bacteria strains but they are vital for the delicious and unique flavor.

These strains of bacteria start to eat the milks lactose and create lactic acid which makes the milk tangy and increases its thickness. We ferment the milk for approximately 8 hours before allowing it to chill.

Creating A Unique Taste Sensation

Now comes the fun part! We strain excess liquid before adding one of our hundreds of flavors. We then freeze it in one of our machines which also churns the mixture during the freezing process. This allows large ice crystals to be revealed in the water. We also allow air to lighten the texture of our frozen yogurt. The air also adds extra volume.

Of course, we cannot allow the mixture to freeze completely or else we wouldnt be able to put it into the thousands of containers we eventually sell to the public. The yogurt is then quickly frozen to make sure that unfrozen water does not transform into ice crystals. Once it is totally frozen, we place it in your grateful arms!

The process is much more complicated that it appears and it takes years of expertise to ensure that the frozen yogurt is perfect. Our customers expect nothing less and so do we. Every serving we sell is subject to strict quality control. Consumers know how we do things and this is why they flock to our stores in their thousands.


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