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Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream

Picture the scene: Its 90 degrees and youre in desperate need of something delicious to cool you down. Youre not really thirsty so the choice boils down to frozen yogurt or ice-cream. If its a one-off, you may think that anything goes. However, the calories can add up during the summer so which one do you pick on a regular basis? It may be stretching it to call frozen yogurt vs. ice-cream a war but when both are desperately trying to reach out to consumers, something has to give.

So, how does frozen yogurt compare to ice-cream when it comes to:

                  • Choice of flavor

                  • Calories

                  • Fat

                  • Sugar

Choice Of Flavor

Ice-cream is known for its variety of flavors and it’s often assumed that frozen yogurt cant compare. In actual fact, it has moved on from only offering fruit flavors as can be seen in Frozen Yoghurt Store who offer hundreds of choices ranging from Pecan Praline to Butter Brickle. Ice-cream can no longer claim to be the frozen dessert king of flavors.


Although both products are dairy based, frozen yogurt has the edge when it comes to low calorie content. A cup of frozen yogurt that is fat and sugar free contains just 160 calories. Even the least calorific ice-cream has 240 calories for the same portion.


There is absolutely no comparison between the two in this category. Aside from the fat and sugar free options, a serving of regular frozen yogurt has just 2 grams of fat. Considering you are recommended to stay within the 70-90 gram range at most, this frozen treat barely even makes a dent. A 104 gram serving of Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough hits you with a 15 gram dose of fat. Ouch!



Excessive sugar intake is a massive problem in the United States and with almost 26 million Americans suffering from some form of diabetes, we have to make sure our treats arent laden with sugar. Experts say that we should aim to keep below 40 grams of sugar per day to avoid increasing our risk of heart disease. Our regular frozen yoghurt contains just 10-12 grams per serving in comparison to our Ben and Jerrys example which has 24 grams. If you really dont want sugar in your diet, try one of our dozens of delicious flavors for a guilt-free, delightful dessert experience.

As you can see, frozen yogurt ticks all the right boxes when it comes to satisfying your taste buds while ensuring you stay healthy. Eat healthy and choose frozen yogurt for a taste sensation you wont forget or regret!



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