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Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Franchising Opportunities as well as Master Franchises and Licensing available now in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and throughout the World.

Yogo Factory is a competitively branded and marketed Frozen Yogurt Franchise originating from the east coast. Yogo Factory franchisees are quickly opening stores all over the United States, and abroad. Yogo Factory not only has the best quality frozen yogurt in the business, our stores build out, look, feel, and unique approach put us a swirl above the rest. If you are looking into frozen yogurt franchise opportunities, make sure you check out Yogo Factory! If you are interested in opening your own yogurt store franchise, Yogo Factory might be the right choice for you.

Yogo Factory is the perfect yogurt shop for anyone looking to open a yogurt shop franchise that is hip, trendy, but still has that family friendly appeal that everyone keeps coming back for. Yogo Factory is a true frozen yogurt cafe' and is quickly becoming the favorite of frozen yogurt lovers across the United States. Yogo Factory also prides itself with offering the best marketing support, including print, radio, television, and social media, along with it's enormous web presence keeping you a top your competition. We feel confident that a Yogo Factory froyo cafe' can go head to head with any other frozen yogurt franchise in the world, and come out on top, regardless of it's competition. We also offer the most competitive franchise fees and rates in the industry.

Please fill out the form below and give us a call at 609-748-YOGO to talk to a franchise coordinator about opening your own Yogo Factory Frozen Yogurt Stores today!

Start-up Costs & Franchise Fees
Total Investment: $100,000-$300,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
Royalty Fees:
One store = 6%
2 - 6 stores = 5.5%
7 - 12 = 5%
13+ = 4.5%

Our franchise package includes everything you need to start an extremely profitable build-you-own frozen yogurt shop. From architecural drawings and plans to vendors, distributors, marketing plan, marketing material from television, to print and social media and complete brand identity. Yogo Factory is the ultimate frozen yogurt brand.

Competitive Advantages:
A number of factors distinguish this business opportunity for potential operators:

  1. Fully tested operating model with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.
  2. The best product in the Froyo market in our opinion
  3. A Fun family friendly yet trendy and hip consumer experience
  4. Minimal start up capital with pre-established set up costs.
  5. High gross profits with cost of sale per product line fully identified
  6. Zero waste while ingredients are frozen with 1 year shelf life / set portion sizes
  7. A unique dry topping dispenser type which is more sanitary and appeals to the consumer when compared to your local competition
  8. Strong website presence and search engine dominance, providing you with more traffic and brand recognition
  9. Simple/efficient, and easy to manage production allowing owners to operate multi-store locations with ease

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