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About Us

Frozen Yogurt Store is an organization that is dedicated to providing our clients with the healthiest dessert alternatives. We opened in 2011 and have already caused a stir amongst people used to choosing between ice cream and donuts for a treat. We know that these choices are extremely unhealthy and filled with saturated fat. We are on a mission to let the nation know that spoiling yourself doesn’t have to involve endangering your health.

The frozen yogurt industry is now 25 times larger than it was just 15 years ago. The general public understand the importance of eating healthily as often as possible. However, with illnesses such as diabetes still rampant, we know that a lot of work needs to be done.

Since our opening, our stores have been filled with people who are eager to sample a new dessert sensation. We spoil our customers for choice as they have a host of choices including:

                  • Non fat

                  • Low fat

                  • Regular

                  • Sorbets

                  • Non fat tarts

                  • Cool beverages

All this and around 100 flavors and 100 different toppings at various times! It’s no wonder that our stores are full from morning till night as customers have to come back and try new flavors again and again. We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year and even tempt our customers with an array of intriguing seasonal flavors which are designed to bring back nostalgic memories of vacations and homecomings.

Aside from titillating the taste buds of our customers, we also ensure that they make healthy eating decisions. There are an array of products that can be enjoyed by those with medical conditions such as diabetes. Our non-fat yogurt contains as little as 70 calories and less than 0.5 grams of fat. This makes our frozen yogurt range the perfect dessert.

And if this wasn’t enough, our frozen yogurt is probiotic. This means it contains between 100-400 million live cultures per gram of friendly bacteria which are proven to aid the immune and digestive system. Never before has a dessert been so low in calories and fat, had genuine health benefits while still rating off the charts when it comes to taste.

We welcome you to Frozen Yogurt Store where we hope you enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere. Our stores are the perfect location for a relaxing afternoon or a celebration as we cater to parties for all occasions. Frozen Yogurt Store’s mission is to give you one more reason to spoil yourself!




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